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Juan Diego Sánchez Torres
A book on recreational maths in the age of the Internet? Just now. There are very good, but also very bad blogs and websites in the Internet... With Recreamaths you don’t need to look for any more, because the author has done that for you.

What kind of challeges can we find here? They vary in their difficulty and subject: numbers. Letters, sequences, Geometry, logic, count, chess... You will find even two spinning wheels as the ones that appear on TV, as well as some History of Mathematics. Some have been made by the author himself, and some others are almost forgotten classics.

Recreamaths is a book both for “experts” in recreational mathematics and for those who want to become that, and it is aimed at young people and adults.

190 challeges on maths, wit, and logical reasoning, written in an easy and straightforward language.It also includes answers, in case you get bogged down!

Juan Diego Sánchez Torres (Jerez de la Frontera, 1972) graduated in Mathematics at the University of Seville. He works as a high school teacher and prepares candidates for competitive examinations of high school teachers. Ajedrez para el aula; Juegos de tablero. Para el aula y otros lugares; Juegos matemáticos y de razonamiento lógico, and Problemas históricos de las Matemáticas are some of his most outstanding titles.