Portada de Sintonía con Cristo



3a ed.




12,5X19,0 cms.

160 págs.


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Michel Esparza
Many Christians ignore the current suffering of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. This book tries to remedy such shortage, which makes it so difficult to be affectively in tune with Christ. Noticing His joys and sorrows can make a difference in our Christian life.

The first part of the book goes into the most effective ways to know Him: the study of the revealed truths, the Gospel, and prayer.

The second part focuses on the two reasons that motivate us more to correspond to Christĺs love: gratitude and compassion for His suffering Heart, as well as the corredemptive wish to soothe His wounds. This is how the permanent devotion to the Sacred Heart of Jesus proves to be always up-todate.

Michel Esparza graduated in Medicine at the Dutch section of the Catholic University of Leuven, and earned his doctorate in Philosophy at the Pontificia UniversitÓ della Santa Croce (Rome). He was ordained Catholic priest in 1986 and practices his ministry in Logro˝o (northern Spain). He has also written El pensamiento de Edith Stein (EUNSA) and La autoestima del cristiano (Belacqva).

In Rialp he has also published Amor y autoestima.