Portada de Amor y autoestima



7a ed.




12,5X19,0 cms.

288 págs.


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Michel Esparza
This books aims particularly those ordinary Christians who, despite their limitations, do their best in their daily lives to improve their love quality. It will also serve those who are less familiar with Christian life. Who does not search for inner peace, true selfesteem, or a greater capacitiy to love?

In the first part of the book, the author encourages readers to adopt a realistic and positive attitude towards oneself, some humble self-esteem. The opposite behavior, pride, generates conflicts and threatens the qualities of every kind of love. The second part shows how God’s Love contributes to efficiently solve pride’s disasters and returns people their true dignity.

The Love revealed by Christ can purify our loves and fulfill our hearts’ deepest wishes. Already in this life, such Love brings us the greatest happiness.

Michel Esparza Encina graduated in Medicine at the Dutch section of the Catholic University of Leuven, and earned his doctorate in Philosophy at the Pontificia Universitā della Santa Croce (Rome). He was ordained Catholic priest in 1986 and practices his ministry in Logroņo (northern Spain). He has also written El pensamiento de Edith Stein (EUNSA) and La autoestima del cristiano (Belacqva).