Portada de Amar y ser feliz



6a ed.




12,5X19,0 cms.

136 págs.


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Javier Fernández-Pacheco
We all aspire to happiness, and we sense that we will find love. But how? When? With whom? This book leads readers into the greatness of love toward God and one’s neighbor considering their relationship and with the thirst for happiness, which the Lord has placed in everyone and that only He can fully satisfy.

The author closely sticks to the endless source of the Sacred Scripture and the Fathers and Doctors of the Church. Among the contemporary authors he mainly looks into the teachings of John Paul II, Benedict XVI (his encyclical letter God is Love), and Saint Josemaría Escrivá.

Javier Fernández-Pacheco earned his doctorate in Agricultural Engineering as well as in Theology. He was full profesor at the Higher School of Agricultural Engineering in Córdoba. During this period of his professional life, he wrote several publications on his field. He was ordained priest in 1977, and since then he carries out his pastoral tasks in different Andalusian cities. He has given several courses on Theology, as well as spiritual retreats.