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Julio Montero
Those who were born in an analogical world have increasing difficulties in jumping on the only bandwagon. Their qualities, adquired throughout a long effort, seem to lose some value, whereas new times acquire for them an almost unbearable insubstantiality. These are times of reality shows, videogames, and social networks, which seem to announce some new common sense. The one that does not take part in it remains excluded. Full of realism and sense of humor, the author analizes the ingredients of the digital revolution and provides us with solutions to live and survive in a world that has been put on top of the one we were born in.

Julio Montero Díaz is Professor of History of Social Communication (Complutense University of Madrid). His lines of work are: audiovisual media and History, and Social History of the cinema. He has written over twelve books, as well as several articles in prestigious acadamic magazines.