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Mariano Fazio
After a brief biography of Joseph Ratzinger, the author analyzes the Pope’s main interventions as for relativism, and he also proposes the antidote against such a menace: rediscovering the truth by joining reason and faith, and attempting at the fact that the truth on the human being structures social life again.

Mariano Fazio (Buenos Aires, 1960) is a historian and a philosopher, Professor of History of Political Doctrines at the School of Social Institutional Communication (Pontificia Universidad de la Santa Cruz). He has been the School’s first Dean, as well as the University’s Lord Rector. He currently lives in Argentina. Among his most salient books are Cristianos en la encrucijada; Historia de las ideas contemporáneas, La América ingenua and De Benedicto XV a Benedicto XVI, published in Rialp.