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José Carlos Martín de la Hoz
Memory is key to building trust. Coming back to history and analyzing past moments of crisis can help us overcome present difficulties. Trust looks toward the future, but taking the past as its driving force. Indeed, personal history and the history of mankind provide us with objectivity and make it easier to be hopeful.

José Carlos Martín de la Hoz is a Theologian, Historian, and also a member of the Ecclesiastical Academies of Seville and Valencia, where he was appointed Secretary-General. He leads the research group Confianza y hecho religioso (Trust and the Religious Fact), which deals with the theological problem of the Inquisition. Among his last publications stand out Historia de la Iglesia en España, Inquisición y confianza, El Islam y España, Historia de la Iglesia. Edad Moderna e Historia and Leyendas de la Iglesia.