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José María Barrio Maestre
Human beings grow with thinking. It is in the development of our minds that we better understand rea and get to dialogue with it. And we are also an important part of that reality: through thinking, men can achieve the understanding of who they are and thus they are able to understand themselves.

Relativism is a type of mental laziness which distorts the perception of reality and menaces human culture with lethargic groupthinking. The author deeply analyzes this phenomenon and offers his readership sound and straightforward answers.

José María Barrio (Madrid, 1960) earned his doctorate with distinction at the Complutense University of Madrid, where he currently is a full professor. He also broadened his studies in Mu?nster and Vienna. His numerous publications include books and articles on Pedagogic Anthropology, Éthics of Education and Civics. His last book, El balcón de Sócrates. Una propuesta frente al nihilismo, has also been published by Rialp.