Portada de Papá, ¿por qué existen las moscas?






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Oscar Pintado
Children’s questions can let us thoughtful or even speechless. Many of them seem evident, but only until we try to answer them.

Thanks to dialogues and some complicities with the reader, the author invites us to look at the world with curiosity and without any headaches: what makes us argue, why are Mondays good, what kind of relationship exists between time and the clock that measures it, or what percentage of realism optimistic people have.

Óscar Pintado Fernández (Alcázar de San Juan, 1973) graduated in Philosophy at the University of Navarra. He later on earned his doctorate at the University of Málaga, an he currently teaches Philosophy at a high school in Madrid. Evidently indebted to his teacher, Jorge Vicente Arregui, his publications have frequently revolved around Philosophical Anthropology.