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Rafael Gómez Pérez
Ideological Modernity (“more man and less God”) has failed, and a visionary postmodernity breaks through (“ I decide what I am, and I decide whether there is a God”).

Is it possible to awake to the culture of “the more human, the more divine”? Drowsiness disappears when the belief is recovered from its indispensable foundations: conscience, the sense of friendship and suffering, and the brightness of good.

Rafael Gómez Pérez, Doctor in Law and Philosophy, has taught Cultural Anthropology at the Complutense University of Madrid (1976-2000). He has published ninety books on different subjects, among which stand out: philosophy (Historia básica de la filosofía, El humanismo marxista, Elogio de la bondad); ethics (Ética empresarial, Deontología jurídica); anthropology (Iguales y distintos, El desafío cultural, La generación de la protesta); history (Breve historia de la cultura europea); and memories (Memorias del Sur, Memorias de muchas patrias).