Portada de Historia breve del mundo contemporáneo



5a ed.




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400 págs.


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José Luis Comellas
Ever since the times of revolutions that led from the Ancient to the New Regime until the midtwentieth century, one can sense homogeneity and a certain link to current times in the ideological, political, and socioeconomic spheres. This is called the Contemporary Age, which implies a new vital rhythm and some eagerness to aspire to new things, unlike the more peaceful temper that reigned in the Ancient Regime. The subsequent period is then appropriately called History of the contemporary world. This book’s most prominent feature is therefore the way it manages to narrate the last two centuries of history in a detailed and approachable way.

José Luis Comellas is full profesor and profesor emeritus at the University of Sevilla and one of Spain’s most prestigious historians. He is mainly known as an author of modern and contemporary History, and has extensively published in Rialp: Historia de España Contemporánea; Historia de España Moderna y Contemporánea; Historia breve del Mundo reciente; Historia sencilla de la ciencia; Páginas de la Historia, and La Guerra civil europea (1914-1945). He has also published books on Astronomy and Music.