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Javier Álvarez
The principle of secularism is a fundamental axis on which Church-State relations are developed in contemporary democratic societies. However, some ideological background is trying to eradicate the religious factor from all public spaces. The secular colouring presents such processes followed by secularism in order to set itself up as the dominant doctrine and to be the only authoritative voice in current social and political structures. In the meantime, other voices ľamong them the Catholic oneľ claim for the right to intervene in the public life, especially when the offers seem to affect the freedom and dignity of human beings. It is an open debate that demands our knowledge of what is really at stake.

Javier Alvarez Perea (Seville) earned his degree in Philosophy and Science Education at the University of Seville, where he also earned a Postgraduate Diploma. He currently teaches Philosophy at preuniversity levels.