Portada de Humanismo II. Tareas del espíritu






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Juan Luis Lorda
In this book, a sequel of Humanismo: los bienes invisibles (Humanism: the Invisible Goods), the author analizes two complementary dimensions in everybody’s harmonious development: personal education (inner resources, discipline, and work) and the social dimension (the art of educating, the art of governing, family). Finally, he offers the reader an interesting reflection upon religious sensibility, indispensable for the balanced development of people.

For humanist thought, the person’s development is not a prívate good, nor it has self-satisfaction as its goal. The person belongs to a given society and, as its member, he must search his own improvement for offering others better service: one must have in order to give. This is the testimony of a long tradition of wise men, which is also included in these pages.

Juan Luis Lorda (Pamplona 1955) was ordained priest in 1983, graduated in Industrial Engineering in 1977, and earned his doctorate in Theology in 1982. He teaches dogmatic theology and Christian anthropology since 1983 at the University of Navarra.

Some of his most salient titles are: Antropología. Del Concilio Vaticano II a Juan Pablo II; La señal de la cruz; Para ser cristiano; Moral, el arte de vivir; Para una idea cristiana del hombre, and Humanismo. Los bienes invisibles.