Portada de Humanismo. Los bienes invisibles



3a ed.




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208 págs.


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Juan Luis Lorda
“Invisible goods are bright, distinct, abstract and somehow misterious. They can open up new horizons and provide existence with beauty. They are also liberal, for they are very much a free gift and, at the same time, they expand, lighten, and embellish freedom, thus lifting it over instinctive or gregarious behaviours. They shape real human culture, which has nothing to do with the fireworks of snobbery.

I have written this book in the most simple way possible. Not only for it to be easier to read, but also because what everybody understands is subject to everybody’s judgement. This is a risk and, at the same time, a guarantee. Big abstractions are more comfortable when put into words and have a more brilliant appearance, but they cover reality with their brightness” (from the author’s Foreword).

Juan Luis Lorda (Pamplona 1955) is a priest, industrial engineer, and Doctor of Theology. He teaches dogmatic theology and Christian anthropology since 1983 at the University of Navarra. He has published several essays, such as Antropología. Del Concilio Vaticano II a Juan Pablo II; Para una idea cristiana del hombre, and Avanzar en Teología, some of them as a result of the courses he taught to university students: Moral, el arte de vivir and Para ser cristiano. Both have been translated to different languages. Rialp has also published his book El fermento de Cristo.