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Gerardo Castillo
Is leadership inborn or acquired? Are leaders dreams-creators or do they only build up results? What do all they have in common? Is there any learnable style of leadership? The fourteen characters in this book became late leaders by surprise, for nothing in their careers seemed to foretell such a future till some unexpected situation changed their destinies. One of these unexpected leaders’ secrets lies in their acceptance of big challenges, their resistance before adversities, and their persistent efforts.

True leadership is currently in crisis, and society claims for young people who can rule it. However, such education does not come from discourses or theories, but from testimonies of exemplary lives.

Gerardo Castillo Ceballos (Cantabria, Spain), Doctor of Education Science, is a Professor Emeritus at the University of Navarra, where he has been Assistant Principal and teacher at the Institute of Education Science and the Education Department, as well as teacher in the Master of Marriage and Family.

He has published numerous research books on learning, adolescence, marriage, and family. He yearly runs university courses and seminars in Spain and abroad.