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Antonio Vázquez
The book entitled “Acts of the Apostles” is not a mere chronicle of events where the main characters, witnesses of Jesus Christ’s resurrection, are nothing but a handful of men that spread their news around the world with an extraordinary fidelity. Many passages convey the vibrating rhythm of an adventure novel, but they let us see the permanent stamp of the Holy Spirit, the true author of this amazing expansion. So spread Christianity develops these passages and provides the reader with a valuable framework in which to become familiar with every one and all characters.

Antonio Vázquez was the president of the newspaper Madrid till its demise. He has worked thirtyfive years in the world of education, as the General Director and then as the President of Fomento de Centros de Enseñanza (a Spanish association of school centers). He has given lectures and taught courses in several countries, and he has also contributed in the press with essays on education and family.