Portada de 21 matrimonios que hicieron historia






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Gerardo Castillo
The present book researches the story of extraordinary people attached to an equally extraordinary spouse. They have been chosen for their prominence at a given time and for having lived a beautiful and commendable story of marital love. Among them are kings, writers, politicians, musicians, or men of science of the last twenty centuries.

Most of them married for love, and four of them were political marriages that turned into love marriages. There are also cases of love that went against the tide, survive the tragedy of war, or overcame age and character differences.

Knowing stories of marriages that have stayed happily together in the middle of great difficulties can be a valuable reference in the current debate about the institution of marriage.

Gerardo Castillo Ceballos (Cantabria, Spain), Doctor of Education Science, has been Assistant Principal and teacher at the Institute of Education Science and the Education Departament at the University of Navarra, and teacher in the Master of Marriage and Family at the same university. He has published numerous research books on learning, adolescence, marriage, and family. He yearly runs university courses and seminars in Spain and abroad. He is married and has six daughters and twenty grandchildren.