Portada de Hombres de ciencia, hombres de fe






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Ángel Guerra
Many scientifics have recently used their talent to scrutinize the keys to the natural world at the time that they showed deep religious feelings and reached the top of their researches. Basing on a consideration by Einstein –“science without religion is lame, religion without science is blind”-, the author shows accounts on distinguished scientifics that achieve an extraordinary balance between their believes and their scientific discoveries. With a clear line of thinking, these pages show Lemaître and Roger Boscovich, John Eccles and Gaudí, Lejeune and Hildegard von Bigen, Morgagni, or Pasteur.

Ángel Guerra (Madrid, 1947) earned his Doctorate in Biology from the University of Barcelona, teaches at CSIC (Spanish National Research Council), leads the research group Ecología y Biodiversidad Marinas at the Institute of Marine Research in Vigo, and is consultor of the EU and FAO, and counselor in scientific committees. He has taught courses and lectures at European and American universities and has published over 200 works in national and international magazines, 12 books on Marine Ecology and Biology and several collaborations on Science, Faith, and Society.