Portada de Las cuatro esposas de Felipe II






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Antonio Villacorta
Philip II married four times, every one of them urged by reasons of State. He agreed to have political reasons –dynastic and patrimonial– determine his marital choice.

Thus, political interest took him to marry his cousin, Maria Manuela, Princess of Portugal. After becoming a widower he married Queen Mary I of England, for him a real ordeal. Moved by political interests he married Elisabeth of Valois, the French King and Queen’s daughter. After her death and in search of excellent relations with the other Habsburg’s branch, he marries his niece Anna of Austria, his sister Maria’s daughter.

Philip II’s four wives describes those details, data, and documents regarding these facts, and lead us also into the prívate life of many historical main figures. It is a rigorous and enjoyable book that invites the reader to cross the threshold of the sixteenth century and become familiar with its major personalities.

Antonio Villacorta Baños-García , born in Palencia (Spain), graduated in Psichology at the Complutense University of Madrid and researches on the history of Spain and Portugal’s Modern Age. He contributes to several magazines and has written novels as well as essays and books of history. Among the most recent ones are El Castellano, Domingo de Guzmán –historical novel–, Las mujeres de Lope de Vega –historical-literary essay– and three biographies: Don Sebastián, rey de Portugal; La Jesuita, Juana de Austria and La emperatriz Isabel.