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José Luis Comellas
“I am frequently asked whether climate is really changing. In my answer there is always an assertion: climate has always changed, and sometimes in a more spectacular and terrible way than it is doing now”.

According to the author, the current debate is poisoned by the enormous interests at stake. Once more, ideological ingredients influence a field that should only correspond to specialists. With his kind language, José Luis Comellas makes a wonderful job writing about greatly interesting and highly topical matters.

José Luis Comellas is full professor and professor emeritus at the University of Sevilla and one of Spain’s most prestigious historians. He is mainly known as an author of Modern and Contemporary History, and in Rialp he has also published: Historia de España Contemporánea; Historia de España Moderna y Contemporánea; Historia breve del Mundo contemporáneo; Historia breve del Mundo reciente; Historia sencilla de la ciencia; Páginas de la Historia, and La guerra civil europea (1914-1945). He is also one of the most renowned promoters of astronomy matters in Spain, with over forty years of experience. Rialp has published his Guía del Firmamento y Astronomía. On music he has written Historia sencilla de la música, Nueva Historia de la música and a biography of Beethoven.