Portada de Julián Marías. Retrato de un filósofo enamorado



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Rafael Hidalgo.
Philosopher and writer Julián Marías (1914-2005) led an extraordinarily intense life. He was disciple and friend of Ortega y Gasset, Zubiri, García Mo rente and Gaos, and took part in the University of Madrid during the Second Republic. During the Civil War he helped Besteiro search the peace, but after the conflict his best friend accused him and he was sent to prison. He took an active part in the Spanish democratic transition, and was also counselor to John Paul II.

However, Julián Marías’ most characteristic feature was his capacity for love. He loved culture, freedom, Spain, America, his friends, and, above all, he loved one woman, Lolita. Here is his story: the portrait of a philosopher in love.

Rafael Hidalgo Navarro (Zaragoza 1968) is Doctor of Philosophy and Business graduate. In his doctoral thesis he worked on Julián Marías’s thinking about the question of death. He has published Julián Marías y la muerte, Historia de la Filosofía para peatones and Empresarios y Samuráis, and he usually collaborates with media, either in the press or on radio.