Portada de Historia de las ideas contemporáneas



4a ed.




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Mariano Fazio
Following the thread of the secularization process and from a Christian consideration of man and history, the author presents the keys to modernity (XVI-XVIII ct.) and thus explores the main contemporary ideologies –Liberalism, Nationalism, Marxism, and Scientism– and highlights their role as substitute religions. The third part of the book deals with the crisis in the culture of Modernity in the twentieth century and so examines in detail Nihilism, permissive societies, and those cultural movements that are most fashionable: Feminism, Environmentalism, or new religious movements.

Mariano Fazio (Buenos Aires, 1960) is a historian and philosopher. He teaches History of Political Doctrines at the Faculty of Social Institutional Communication at the Pontificia Universidad de la Santa Cruz in Rome. He has been the Faculty’s first Dean, as well as its Vice-Chancellor. He currently lives in Argentina. Some of his most salient books are Cristianos en la encrucijada, La América ingenua, and De Benedicto XV a Benedicto XVI, also published by Rialp.