Portada de Retratos. El tiempo de las reformas y los descubrimientos (1400-1600)






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Gerardo Vidal Guzmán
“This fourth volume of my Portraits’ collection has at least one distinctive feature when compared with the previous three books. The timespan covered among its pages does not stand for a whole historical universe”.

“What makes it posible to understand the period between 1400 and 1600 as a unity is the strong conmotion faced by culture in its struggle for breaking the molds that came from older times”.

As he did in his three previous volumes, the author introduces us to the important figures that have left their mark on the history of Western civilization. In his Portraits, too, we discover the clue to many other historical events.

Gerardo Vidal Guzmán, Doctor of Philosophy, teaches and researches at the Facultad de Humanidades at the Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez (Chile), and teaches courses on Ancient Literature and Philosophy at the same Faculty. He has also written Retratos de la Antigu?edad Griega, Retratos de la Antigu?edad Romana y la Primera Cristiandad, and Retratos del Medioevo.