Portada de Retratos del Medioevo






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Gerardo Vidal Guzmán
As happens with any other historical period, the Middle Ages also have dark spots, but they show more light than shadow. Within the wide frame of history, the Middle Ages have proved qualities to appear well enough. With a mere look at its main creations – University, Romanesque and Gothic art, or Scholasticism–, even the most skeptical man would acknowledge its value. Our world as we know it would lose a big part of its richness if it lacked Giotto’s frescos, Dante’s Divina Comedia, St. Francis’ Spiritual Songs or St. Bernard’s writings.

Persuaded by this idea, professor Vidal Guzmán offers us a panoramic view of the history of Western civilization, as he did in previous titles such as Retratos de la Antigu?edad Griega and Retratos de la Antigu?edad Romana y la Primera Cristiandad. Once more, he leans out to history from the Portraits of its most salient figures.

Gerardo Vidal Guzmán, Doctor of Philosophy, teaches and researches at the Faculty of Humanities (Adolfo Ibáńez University, Chile), and teaches courses on Ancient Literature and Philosophy at the same Faculty. He has also written Retratos de la Antigu?edad Griega, Retratos de la Antigu?edad Romana y la Primera Cristiandad, and Retratos. El tiempo de las reformas y los descubrimientos (1400-1600).