Portada de Retratos de la Antigüedad Romana y la Primera Cristiandad






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Gerardo Vidal Guzmán
“Romans had an extraordinary clearly-defined character that wisely stamped on everything they did. His whole culture was shaped in the balance of an alien legacy such as the Greeks’, with the additional support to their own heritage. This turns the life of the spirit in Rome into something unique and fascinating.

An analogous tension arose when the new Christian world had to confront the Greek cultural legacy. Again, the problem was how to internalize the Greek world without betraying oneself in the process. The outcome was outstanding: thanks to the emergent Christian culture, the West consolidated a new foundation.

These are the issues with which this book is concerned.”

Professor Vidal Guzmán successfully gives us a panoramic view of the history of Western civilization through the Portraits of its main figures. The twenty characters portrayed here lead us into the Roman world and the First Christendom.

Gerardo Vidal Guzmán, Doctor of Philosophy, teaches and researches at the Faculty of Humanities (Adolfo Ibáñez University, Chile), and teaches courses on Ancient Literature and Philosophy at the same Faculty. He has also written Retratos de la Antigu?edad Griega, Retratos del Medioevo, and Retratos. El tiempo de las reformas y los descubrimientos (1400-1600).