Portada de Retratos de la Antigüedad Griega



2a ed.




16,0X24,0 cms.

272 págs.


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Gerardo Vidal Guzmán
“It is commonly heard that Greece offers works accomplished by men of our kind. This is true indeed, if this aims to indicate the special consonance of the Western man with Hellas. The Greek world was the cradle of the West, the first seed from where our own world arose.

When we study its legacy, we do it with a very different attitude than the one we would adopt if we studied Ancient Egypt, the Chinese civilization, or the thousand-year-old Hindu culture. For, though we are a long distance apart, we almost inherently understand the values of its literary and artistic creativity, its political realizations, or its philosophical and scientific production. We may not know it, but the Greeks are deep in ourselves”.

Professor Vidal provides us with a panoramic view of the history of Western civilization through the portrait of its major figures. In this case, the twenty one characters portrayed here lead us into the Greek world, in the dawn of our history.

Gerardo Vidal Guzmán, Doctor of Philosophy, teaches and researches at the Faculty of Humanities (Adolfo Ibáñez University, Chile), and teaches courses on Ancient Literature and Philosophy at the same Faculty. He has also written Retratos de la Antigu?edad Romana y la Primera Cristiandad; Retratos del Medioevo and Retratos. El tiempo de las reformas y los descubrimientos.