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José Luis Comellas
Around sixty thousand volumes have been written on World War I, and over two hundred and fifty thousand on World War II. How can one more contribute to the writing on this period? Comellas carefully explains why he gets both conflicts together in a single war and considers it a “European” civil war. Thus, he explains what happens and its posible reasons.

José Luis Comellas is full professor and professor emeritus at the University of Sevilla and one of Spain’s most prestigious historians. He is mainly known as an author of Modern and Contemporary History, and has extensively published in Rialp: Historia de España Contemporánea; Historia de España Moderna y Contemporánea; Historia breve del Mundo contemporáneo; Historia breve del Mundo reciente; Historia sencilla de la ciencia, and Páginas de la Historia.

He is also one of the most renowned promoters of astronomy matters in Spain, with over forty years of experience. Rialp has published his Guía del Firmamento y Astronomía. On music he has written Historia sencilla de la música, Nueva Historia de la música and a biography of Beethoven.