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Francisco Segado Boj
This book examines the Spanish Transition through the cartoons that appeared in five national newspapers of the time that represented the ideological and social reality of the Spanish people (Informaciones, Ya, Abc, La Vanguardia and El Alcázar).

Since Franco’s last government —with Arias Navarro as its president in 1974— and the elections in 1977, the author examines the media impact of the coronation of King Juan Carlos I, the legalization of the Communist Party, and the appointment of Adolfo Suárez as the Spanish Prime Minister, as well as the economic crisis and the image of women and the feminist movement after the Spanish dictatorship.

Francisco Segado earned his doctorate of Journalism at the Complutense University of Madrid. He currently teaches and coordinates the college degree in Communication Studies at the International University of la Rioja.