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Tomás Moro
What does an English Lord Chancellor of the sixteenth century have to say about love, wine, tyrants, the use of wealth, familiar affection, spouses and lovers, the virtue, pleasure, poetry, beauty, human stupidity, friendship, happiness, life or death...? Up to which point is he able to deal witty, opportunely, and tenderly with such different issues? We get these answers from entering the book, a work by one of the most salient English humanists,Thomas More (1478-1535). With time, his writings have gained topicality, and they have raised growing interest. Statesman, chancellor, writer, father, and saint, More was one of the pillars of Renaissance Humanism. His appealing personality and his historical and literary importance are as clear as his high ethical and spiritual value. This is the other side of the author of Utopia, and it reveals More’s most personal features.

This volume is the first Spanish version taken from the original in Latin.

Concepción Cabrillana is Professor of Latin Philology at the University of Santiago de Compostela. She is a specialist in Latin Syntax and has translated works from authors such as Terentius and Tacitus.