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Juan Antonio Pérez López

The purpose of this edition is to open new avenues up for research and resolution of problems, especially in business organizations and institutions with a great impact on people’s everyday lives, in which is something easy to observe the relation among effectiveness, efficiency, and consistency. This pressing also collects the extensive experience of the author on Government Decisions and Action. Its mission is to form persons for the practice of management, taken as a profession, and to develop new knowledge in the service of persons, firms, and society as a whole.

The content is divided into three parts: The Company as a Human Organization, Governance Decisions and Management Action.

Juan Antonio Pérez López, who died in 1996, was DBS of Harvard University and Professor at the Institute for Advanced Studies in Barcelona Company (IESE), which he also managed. His researches and publications have been focused on issues of Business Organization, which includes and integrates anthropological and ethical aspects too. Rialp has also published his book Theory of human action in organizations.